Bluebird Glitch Left me with Negative Balance

Yesterday I went to load my Bluebird card as usual at Walmart. but my giftcard wouldn’t load. I asked them to try again and it still didn’t work. I knew I hadn’t reached my limit for the month but I gave up anyway. Well when I checked my account today, I noticed that my account went into a negative balance. What!! I was steamed and a little worried as to why or how this happened. The bluebird card seemed to have loaded but reversed the load twice each time resulting in a negative balance.

WM load & reverseneg bal

Of course I immediately called Amex to see what happened. They said that yesterday they had a system problem (I also noticed yesterday that their site was down for maintenance). Well lucky me to have decided to try to load my card during that time. Fortunately they said that they are working to fix this problem and my balance will go back to zero in the next couple of days. I hope all will be fixed soon because I hate seeing negative and I have more cards I need to load. Has anyone else had this happen to them?

UPDATE: They finally corrected the problem!


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  1. omg! i’d hate to have this happen to me

  2. Hope everything gets sorted out. Could you tell us where you are getting $500 GCs?

  3. I am experiencing a different problem this month. I loaded $4,500 and unable to load remaining $500. Same with my wife. But balances on both cards are correct. Anyone else has it?

  4. I did not have this happen, but I had something else strange happen yesterday. I bought a VISA gift card at Kroger on Friday. I opened the package yesterday and called to set a PIN. The card had pending transactions from Monday. From my conversation with customer service, it appears that the physical card is not needed for a transaction, nor is the expiration date or security code from the back of the card. I asked how often this happens, and he said that it doesn’t happen often, but it does occur. It can only occur after the time it is activated at the register. I now have to send in about six different items to get a replacement card issued in 7 to 10 days. My takeaway is to put the money on my Bluebird ASAP.

  5. @Vince I have not noticed this but it re affirms the fact that I load to BB as soon as I am able to either gc’s or vr’s.

    I emptied my BB yesterday and had no issue whatsoever. I have I found at my WM that I cannot load $2000 or more no matter which way I do it with multiple BB accts. I can load 1k on one card and 999 on another using the 499 before the 500. Any attempt to load more causes the ATM to lock up. In my area I only have one wm with the correct ATM………

  6. They’re experiencing another ‘glitch’ today. I used the app to transfer money from my set aside acct. This transaction is supposed to make funds instantly available but now it’s stuck in pending status and customer service says my money will be available in 48 hours. I have to wait for my own hard earned money to be available to me. I’m so done with this card.

    • Giddy for Points | November 19, 2013 at 11:56 am | Reply

      I haven’t transferred money with Bluebird since I’ve heard of these problems. I’ve always paid my credit card or have gotten a money order to remove funds from the account. Its been 100% successful for me and quicker

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