Giddy for Economy?! Airberlin A330-200 Review

I just came back from Munich for Oktoberfest. this past week and had lots of fun! I will be doing several post about my adventures. This was my first time to Europe (yes shocking) and my first time on Airberlin. If you would like to see my crazy booking on how I combined my Cancun and Munich trip to save miles and money then check out my earlier post here.

My strategy is always to get the most use of my miles so I always fly economy. I’m a small person and the flight from MIA-DUS-MUC was about 10 hrs so it was doable. I could have spent 109k Avios + $150 for business class with lie flat seats but that would have wiped out my account.

So here is the review:

When getting to my seat I was greeted with the standard pillow and blanket. The seat did look comfy and there was plenty of legroom for me (I’m 5’3″) but since the pitch is only 30, it may be uncomfortable for taller persons. One of the few times in life when being short is to my advantage. I love sitting by the window to look out side and take wing shots. Here is a link to the airplane seat configuration of 2-4-2


Airberlin Wing View

After takeoff, we were given headphones and economy amenity bags which included earplugs, sleep.mask, & mini tooth bush with tooth paste. Thank goodness for the headphones because I forgot mine. I spend most of the time watching movies on our individual seats. My touchscreen was a little on the fritz but I was still able to catch up on my movies.

Back of Seat TV

Back of Seat TV

Can’t go without taking foodie pics , so what did they serve on the flight? The option was chicken or pasta. I choose pasta which also came with cucumber salad and corn bread which in my opinion was all pretty good. I know its not first class food but it was tasty and filling and I was happy. They also served a light snack Β of a hot roll, cheese and deli meat before the end of the flight.

Pasta Dinner Option

Pasta Dinner Option

Also before landing, we were offered warm face wipes which felt refreshing and much needed.

So what about sleep? I didn’t get much which I paid for later. All in all, the flight experience was good and the staff was wonderful.

I did have a scare though. The first leg of my return flight from Munich was CANCELLED!! There was no email from BA which is the site I used to book it through. Luckily I have TripIt Pro which alerted me to the cancellation, however, it didn’t quite help since I received it while I was sleeping. Luckily I had gotten there early enough for Airberlin to book me on an earlier flight from MUC-DUS and to make it through security with only minutes before they closed the gates. It wish I knew why the flight was canceled. If I didn’t make the earlier flight, it would have been difficult to rebook given they way I made the bookings. On a side note, I did carry on the whole time. On a happier note, I did get two seats to myself on the way back from MUC-MIA so I really can’t complain.

So why did I write a review about Economy Class? Because like me, not everyone flies First Class, even on miles and points and this is to show my experience of booking and flying. Will I fly them again given the chance? Yes I will!

If you would like another review of Airberlin Economy, Nomadic Matt shares his not so enthusiastic experience. He had the chicken.

If you would like a review of Business class on Airberlin, The Points Guy shares his also not so enthusiastic experience.Β This is his experience as a tall passenger.



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  1. Nice review! I definitely see Air Berlin in my future Avios plans – though my 6’6″ frame is going to need to go business class πŸ™‚

  2. Great review! Very interested because I might do the same route in Economy using the AA off peak trick.

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