Get 30 AA mi per $ at FTD + Plink Points

I love October for many reasons, leaves turning colors (not in TX), getting chilly outside (still 80 degrees over here), Halloween…

Well if you would like to get someone in the fall spirit or have someones birthday or anniversary coming up, FTD is currently offering 30 AA mi/$.

FTD AAdvantageI couldn’t resist and found this cute pumpkin flower arrangement which would cost $40 + tax and shipping and would get me 1,200 miles.



What is even better is that if I use my credit card registered with Plink, I will get 400 plink points for any purchase greater than $35. For ever 500 plink points I get, I will get to choose a $5 selected gift card.

plink FTD

This is in addition to any points I get with my credit card. Currently I’m trying to meet min spend on my Barclays Card so I will get 2x/$.

Money Saving Method

If you are more interested in saving money, then here is another way to go about it.

There is currently a Groupon for $15 which will give you $30 to use at FTD. Before purchasing your Groupon, go through a shopping portal that will earn you points or if you have a Discover card, they are currently offering 15% cash back through their shopping portal. Once you have your Groupon, you can then use this to purchase flowers. Unfortunately, a Groupon will not work with a miles/points earning shopping portal but you do save!

There are always different method to maximize miles or save money so it depends on what you are interested in more. Of course the real reason is to make someone smile when they receive gifts from you 🙂


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  1. Thx for sharing. Good deal. Note that if you have Gold membership with FTD like I do (it waves the ridiculous service fees so it pays for itself after a couple of shipments), then if you’re trying to earn miles the service fees don’t get waived. Just did a shipment and it was a toss up between earning 1,500 miles and saving $17 or just over 1 cent per mile, so in my case I went with the savings since I have a ton of miles right now. 30x is as high as it gets though!

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