Will Travel for Chocolate

When I heard of the chocolate show that is hosted in Chicago, I had to go check it out. What girl doesn’t like chocolate! It is held at Navy Pier and this is where many vendors come to showcase their goodies, from chocolate to wines to ¬†sculptures, this show was great to indulge in. The best part is that you get to sample different vendor’s chocolate and if you like them, they are available for purchase. Here are some of my favorites and as you can see, there is all sorts of great talent.

Decorated Cakes

Decorated Cakes

Sugar Sculptures

Sugar & Chocolate Sculptures

This was the best sculpture in my opinion. The creator said it took her nine hours to make. You definitely need patience for this art.

Made Entirely of Buttercream

Made Entirely of Buttercream

At the event, they weren’t shy about putting chocolate on everything and anything. There was even chocolate bacon which sounded delicious but didn’t get to try it.

Chocolate Covered Everything

Chocolate Covered Everything

Another favorite part was sampling the different chocolate wines and vodkas. This definitely make the festival more fun!

3 Comments on "Will Travel for Chocolate"

  1. I am SO THERE next year!!!

    BTW, I love the way you posted the photos. I always end up with so many photos from chocolate shows and struggled with choosing a few for my Chocolate Show post. I’ll definitely follow your lead when I review my next show. Thanks!

    Oh yeah, somehow I forgot about chocolate wine….love that at the NYC show, too!

    • Giddy for Points | October 27, 2013 at 1:09 pm | Reply

      I like the photo arrangement too! I also had the problem of taking too many pics but didn’t want to over load the post with pics. I use Instacollage

      • Instacollage? Oooh, good to know! And here I thought I was going to just have to play around with resizing photos in WordPress. Thanks for the tip!

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