Pay $90 for $120 in GC from PF Changs!

PF Chang’s is currently running a promotion until 12/31/13 where if you buy a $100 gift card, you will get a $20 promotional card. The promotional card is good only from 1/1/14 – 3/31/14/.

pfchange gc

The kicker is that if you have an American Express card, go to My Offers Tab at the bottom to see if you can get a $10 Amex credit with a $40 purchase. They aren’t excluding gift cards but make sure you buy the gift card at a PF Chang’s location since online purchases or 3rd party sites will not count.

pfchange amex

So you are essentially paying $90 to get $120 worth of gift cards!


My parent’s love to go to PF Chang’s so this will be great for their upcoming birthdays!






6 Comments on "Pay $90 for $120 in GC from PF Changs!"

  1. Aren’t you just then paying $90 for $120 in gift cards? Not $130 in gift cards.

  2. Good deal. Thx for sharing. I’m on a spending freeze right now waiting for my last churn’s cards to arrive, but since I don’t have any Amex cards coming up I’ll just do it now and take the extra $10. I heart PFC!

  3. Giddy for Points | November 20, 2013 at 9:24 am | Reply

    Your welcome! I LOVE their lettuce wraps 😀

  4. Just did this while in Tulsa. Stumbled into a PF Changs while looking for a different restaurant, so I had the waitress bring out the $100 gift card to my table right before paying, paid for it, and sent her right back with the card to pay for dinner. She must have thought we were nuts. $120 for $90 not too shabby.

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