Southwest Employees and Passengers Help Distressed Passenger

I was on a Southwest flight this past weekend from LAS and I was awaken by a shout for help!

I was sitting in the window seat but right in the aisle in plain view, a young man in his 20s was about to faint. He was turning pale and was falling to the ground but luckily in the seat in front of me was a doctor who got out of his middle seat to help him. He grabbed the guy and helped him to the ground to get his blood pressure up. Across the aisle from me was a nurse who was checking his pulse.

Not only did passengers rush to help but Southwest employees were prompt in this situation. One employee went to get ice and a small oxygen tank while another grabbed a headset to reach out to ground control I believe to have EMS arrive when we land in Houston.

The passenger was able to get his blood pressure up and after talking with him, staff found out that he didn’t have too much to eat and he was also up late partying in Vegas. Need I say more 🙂

Overall I was very impressed with the staff at how well they handled the situation and for the doctor who stepped in to help. His wife jokingly chimed that he is never really on vacation and stated that he has had to help someone on another flight before.  I doubt many people, including myslef, who would have known how to react to this situation so I am always thankful for the those who do because you never know if it might be you one day in this situation. Now I know that at Southwest they have proved that they have had the right training and I am in good hands.


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