Targeted? 5k Bonus Points on Virgin Atlantic Card

If you have the Virgin Atlantic card by Bank of America, then you know that they switched their cards from Amex to Mastercard and have send you your new cards in the mail hopefully.

Well to encourage me to use my card, they sent me an email which stated that when I register my card using this link, and make a purchase, I would get 2,500 points. I would then get additional 500 bonus points after each bill payment for phone, cable, internet, insurance and magazine subscriptions up to 2,500 points.  The total would then be 5,000 bonus points and purchases have to be made by Feb 15, 2014. Not a bad bonus for using my card for normal purchases!

Did you get targeted for this email?


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  1. I’m planning to make five $1 payments to my cell phone bill to see it’ll trigger both bonuses. Worst case scenario, I’ll get the first 2500

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