Use My Coke Rewards to Save on Gas with Fuel Rewards Network

If you are into random points earnings opportunities like me then you may have My Coke Rewards points piling up waiting for that opportunity to redeem. Well here is your chance!

You can now redeem 45 points for 10 cents/gal savings with Fuel Rewards Network. This program will save you money on gas by participating in various shopping, dinning, grocery shopping etc. By signing up through this program, I automatically save 3 cents/gal with shell every time I fill up and if you participate in various earning activities, your savings increases. Note that if you sign up for the first time, you have to receive a FRN card in the mail in order to take advantage of these savings. This card can then be swiped at the pump before you pay and savings will automatically be deducted.

First you must go through MyCokeRewards to redeem your points.

fuel rewards


You will then receive an email with a code to enter. Go to the Fuel Rewards Network page, log in, and enter the code on the top right hand side under your name and account.

Fuel reward enter code


After you apply the code, you will see how much you will save on your next tank of gas through Shell.

.10 save


It may be possible to buy multiple codes but I didn’t have enough coke reward points to try but if you can then please let me know!

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  1. Interesting. I just posted a comment about FRN on Milepoint on November 3rd. Thanks for the further information on how to spin the FRN with the Shell and combine with the Coke Rewards; it’s all about one can do with points in small towns in Texas.

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