What to do With Orphaned Points

Many I’m sure have looked at their Award Wallet and noticed orphaned points or points that are going to expire in programs that they are really not going to use. My orphaned points were in JetBlue. Even though these will never expire, I had 1,000 that I had really no use for since I never have flown JetBlue and I can’t redeem them anywhere.
This is when I headed to Points.com to see what I can do with my JetBlue points. Points.com is where you can trade or exchange points in one program for points to another program. The exchange is most always less in what you get than what you receive and trades cost money. In this case, however,  1,000 didn’t have value for me and I did notice after searching that 1,000 JetBlue points could be exchanged for 318 Best Buy Reward Zone points. 250 Best Buy points =$5 reward certificate that I could use for purchases and this was better than nothing so I decided to do an exchange which didn’t cost me any money. So I was happy to convert my orphaned points.

There are other programs that you can exchange to such as other airlines or hotels so whatever you program of choice, you could exchange if you so choose. So this is one solution that benefited me!

Anyone else do an exchange that they found more value in?


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  1. Another option is to donate them. I try to donate to veteran charities regularly, but for sure on symbolic dates at the very least. Last Veterans’ Day I donated 1,000 orphan Choice Hotel points to the Armed Forces Relief Trust and some United miles (although those weren’t orphan) to the Wounded Warrior program. I was tired of tracking those Choice points anyway!

  2. I traded 2,980 Icelandair Saga Club points for 1,325 US Airways Dividend Miles® and it was free. Seemed like a better deal to have miles I could use. I had converted the others into Hilton points and did this with the remainder right before they expired.

    • Giddy for Points | December 1, 2013 at 9:21 pm | Reply

      That sounds like a good redemption to me! Even though its less mi, you will definitely get more use out of US Air mi

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