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100% US Air Bonus is Back! But Should I Buy This Time?

Not to long ago, US Airways was having a promotion where you could share up to 50k miles and the person receiving the shared miles would get a 100% bonus. I didn’t take advantage of it last time. Well the bonus is back from Dec 2-6 but it’s a tiered bonus shown below.

To make the most out of the promotion, one would share 50k miles to someone which would cost $567.50 (this includes $30 fee and 7.5% tax) and the recipient would receive 100k miles. The recipient would then share 50k miles back and you would receive the original 50k plus a 50k bonus. All accounts have to be open for at least 12 days to take advantage of this share promotion.

So what are the pros?

If you already have the US Airways Barclays card, the extra points could get 2 roundtrip tickets in the US for 40k points with 10k to spare. (The Barclays card gives you a 5k award discount for each flight booked)

You could sit on the extra miles and wait until US Airways merges their awards program with American Airlines so that these will essentially become AAdvantage miles.

Since you now have 100k miles in your account (hopefully) you can use them to fly roundtrip to South America, Europe, or North Asia in Business Class!

So what are the cons?

You can’t book one ways on US Airways flights.

If you currently don’t have a specific redemption in mind, then you are spending money on a speculation and hopefully there will be no significant award changes after the merger.

I can get miles cheaper by applying for their personal card for $89 fee and receive 30k after first purchase or their new business card for a $79 annual fee and receive 25k after first purchase. (See credit card tab at top if interested in learning more about these cards). There has been talk that after the merger, Barclays will no longer be the bank of choice so these cards may disappear.

Its more money than you are really willing to spend right now especially with the holidays coming up.

My Actions

I think I’m going to sit this one out again but this is still a great promotion for those who have more pros than cons. If you have a reward redemption in mind and it is cheaper to share miles than to purchase a ticket outright, then this is definitely a promotion to take advantage of!



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