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Targeted: 3x miles for AA Citicard on Select Retailers

Earlier last year, AA Citicards ran a promotion where you could earn 3x miles in select categories including drugstores. They are running a similar promotion in 2014 but for different categories.

The email I received prompted me to register with one click. I would get 3x miles on purchases at electronic & computer stores, clothing, toy, and department stores through 3/31/13.

The offer starts 2 business days after enrollment and the bonus is capped at 2,500 miles so the max purchases that can be made with this promotion is $1,250. (2x bonus mi * $1,250 = 2,500 bonus)

I could max out this promotion at Best Buy which I would see being categorized as an electronic store. Best Buy sells $200 Visa gift cards for $5.95 fee which you can set a pin for. This allows them to be used as a debit card.

Best Buy Visa Gift Cards look like this

This Visa gift card can then be used to transfer to your BlueBird card (see post by Travel with Grant on how to do this). Your funds in your BlueBird card can then be used to pay off your credit card.

The fee is very high for $200 gift card, however, purchases of Visa gift cards count towards earning My Best Buy Reward Points. 250 points = $5 so this mostly offsets the costs. These purchases also count towards Elite Status on My Best Buy Rewards.

So watch your email for this promotion!

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