Finally Uber Comes to Houston! (Get Free Rides for a Limited Time)

Uber just announced that they will be offering free rides for a limited time in Houston. What is Uber? Its a app based taxi service. I’ve used it in Chicago and it was super quick and easy. So why are they free for a limited time? Because due to regulations, they aren’t allowed to accept money or they could be fined. So in order to have it permanently in Houston, apparently some regulation changes have to be made.

It’s available for Apple and Android phones. So how do you use Uber? First download the app to your phone. You can use my referral link for $10 off your first ride (new customers only). Enter all your information such as name and credit card info. This is so that they will be able to charge you for rides that you take without having to have cash or your credit card in hand. Follow remaining instructions below.

Uber Houston

They don’t specify how long these free rides in Houston will last but it is for a limited time. The rides must be in town but it doesn’t specify exactly where or how long your ride can be. I’m currently following up with them on more details but if you are down town then you can definitely get your free ride today!

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