Manufacture Spend Challenge Accepted!

Saverocity and the Frequent Miler have decided to make March interesting and host a manufacture spending challenge. Here is a link to the basics of the tournament.

Looking at the comments is seems that some are excited about it and some think that this will “kill the deals” My opinion is I think it will be fun! Also those who decide to enter do not have to divulge exactly how they earned the miles. That is up each player. So we won’t be killing the deals. Most likely many will use methods commonly used out there. But everyone has their secrets 😉

So the challenge is that we will start with a bank of $5k to spend and the contest will last through the month of March. The bank roll will be accelerated in that you don’t have to have the money physically in your bank after you spend it for you to use it the next day but there are rules that we have to follow. Also credit card signup bonuses won’t count. That would be too easy!

The judge will be Greg who writes the blog the Frequent Miler and he will judging based on our ending profit, artistry of how we manufacture our spend, and efficacy which is how well can someone else produce the same results.

So what is in my arsenal?

1) BB– I have 2 I can use so that will get me at least 10k in churning for the month.
2) Amazon Payments– I also have 2 in my name so that is another 2k

3) Suntrust Delta Debit Card– Buying Money Orders at Walmart is a great way to earn miles cheaply but limited on how much cash I safely cycle through my banks. I have to be careful not to raise suspicion. Yes Delta did announce something foul today but this really won’t affect me since I don’t mileage run and Delta points have come in handy for those one off weekend travel adventures.

4) Paypal Debit Card – I can potentially buy Paypal reload cards to upload to my Paypal account and cash out with Money Orders but I have to be careful because many have been shut down for this.

5) Chase Ink– 5x UR points at Office Supply stores is pretty awesome! I hope that another deal will come along at Office max so that I can make money and bank in points like I did last time.

6) Barclays Arrival-2x everywhere is also a great way to make travel money by buying Visa or MC giftcards and unloading them. I know a place to get them for $2.95 for every $500 so I would be making $7.05 for every gift card purchased. Every dollar counts in this game! Also I hope that the Barclay Shopping Portal brings back another 4x on Amex giftcards. That would be sweet!

7) Virgin Atlantic Card– I actually don’t need these miles but this card offered me 7,500 bonus points for spending 15k, plus the card earns 1.5 points per/$ spent. So this could help me boost my “earnings” for the tournament since completing this will bank me 30k points.

8) Amex Platinum – Sometimes American Express runs offers in “My Offers” tab where you get statement credit back by spending a certain amount at Best Buy or Staples. Hopefully these come around because these also make great money earning opportunities.

9) United Mileage Plus – The only thing I could use here for the game is that this card will give you 10k bonus points for spending $25k in a year. So assuming I were able to do all 25k in March, that will be 35k total. That’s a nice lil boost.

10) Miscellaneous players will include Plink, Shopkicks, Best Buy Rewards, Grocery store cash back/fuelpoints, and cash back sites such as TopCashBack, Ebates or BigCrumbs

Sounds crazy right? Well can’t be as crazy as Frequent Miler earning 1million miles in a month!

So if you want to follow along on this silly and fun journey then you can follow me at @giddyforpoints on twitter and the hash tag we all will be using is #milemadness

May the best churner win!



12 Comments on "Manufacture Spend Challenge Accepted!"

  1. How arrogant can ya’ll be? This contest speaks for itself.

    It also sounds like a nice ploy to get others to divulge their earning methods in the name of “artistry”.

  2. I really enjoy the concept of this contest but don’t have the time (or probably the knowledge) to participate. I’ve followed you on Twitter and am looking forward to reading everyone’s reports (and maybe picking up a few tricks!!)

  3. I don’t think your current arsenal will cut it. Certainly I don’t think its normally advisable to play this game too hard, but if you want to win this you’re probably going to have to push some of the limits.

    So normally I’d stay the hell away from anything PayPal-related, but you’re going to have to go there probably. And not just there but Momentum (problems for everybody using it seems to me), Venmo, PayPower, Square Cash, etc etc. And you really should have switched those BB’s over to Serve last month! Don’t you know that’s what all the kids are doing now?

    Course somebody playing this game will probably get shut down too. I’d stay away from playing at your banker of choice myself.

    • Giddy for Points | February 28, 2014 at 11:30 pm | Reply

      I agree my arsenal is pretty basic but it will have to do for now. Also the other methods have high transaction fees…up to 3%. Trying to keep the costs down as much as possible but I’ll definitely look into them. Thanks!

  4. Lucy from LoungeBuddy | March 4, 2014 at 3:11 pm | Reply

    I’m looking forward to following you on this fun adventure! Good luck!

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