Southwest Mobile Boarding Pass and Involuntary Bumped Comps

Southwest Airlines has announced that they are slowly implementing mobile boarding pass in select airports. This will eliminate the need to have to print out a boarding pass, instead, you can bring it up on your phone and scan it. It is only available at DAL, HOU, & AUS. I used it at HOU and it was an easy process. Finally they are getting with the program but I hope they will be implementing in more airports quickly.

Another thing I recently learned is what to do if you were involuntarily bumped from your flight. Now there are 2 types of involuntary bumps. The first is if you show up on time and they deny you boarding. The second is if you are not at the gate and boarding 10 min before the plane leaves and they cancel your ticket.

For the first scenario, you should get compensation. Per their website, you get comped based on how long your arrival at your final destination on the alternative flight is from your original time.

The second scenario means that they canceled your ticket and you can be put on standby on the next available flight. No where on the website does it say that you should get compensation but you should ask anyways. They may give you a goodwill compensation. It might not be much but something is better than nothing if you don’t make your flight 10 min before door closing and your ticket gets canceled. It never hurts to ask.


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  1. I guess it depends on why I didn’t make it within 10 minutes. If airline fault because I’m connecting, great. If I overslept, there’s no way I’m asking for compensation.

  2. Shonuffharlem | March 18, 2014 at 6:35 am | Reply

    What if I’m late to the gate because I’m addicted to reading this blog?

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