AA Reduced Mileage Awards Available Through Sept 2014

American Airlines reduced mileage awards are out throughSeptember! In order to take advantage of these reduced mileage awards, you must have the specified CitiAA credit cards listed below:

CitiAA credit cardsHaving these cards can get you 7,500 miles off your flight. You can even book one way awards. Thus a roundtrip economy flight will only cost you 17,500 AA miles and a one way will cost you 8,750 AA miles.

The website has a listing of city destinations that these reduced mileage awards will count for. In addition, you have to make sure that there is MileSAAver availability for your trip by first going to AA website.

For example, say I wanted to go to Ft. Lauderdale, FL which is on the list for Sept. Only those dates in green for 12.5k each way will be available for reduced mileage awards.

AA Ft Lauderdale

In order to book these awards you must call this number 1-800-882-8880. After you tell them your flights, you then must give them the award code listed on the website and you must pay with your AACiti card.

Mileage Award Table Sept 2014

As a heads up, it will cost $25 to book this award type, however, if you explain to the agent that you can’t book these online, they may waive the fees but YMMV. Also if you book an award less that 21 days out, then they will charge you a $75 close-in booking fee.

I’ve used these awards many times to save me money and miles. Also remember that having the AACiti card will also give you 10% back when you make award redemptions so this is even more in mileage savings.

2 Comments on "AA Reduced Mileage Awards Available Through Sept 2014"

  1. Do both your origin and destination have to be highlighted as a “reduced mileage award” or just the destination? Or maybe just one of the two cities involved? For your Fort Lauderdale example, could I fly from, say, Denver, which isn’t on the list at all or does it have to be somewhere like Fargo that is on the list for September? And does a direct flight have to be available or is any routing that the system would allow acceptable? Thanks!

    • Giddy for Points | June 16, 2014 at 12:53 pm | Reply

      Only one of the 2 cities has to be on the list from my experience. I just took a trip from IAH (on the list) to MIA (not on the list) and was able to get the reduced mileage award. Of course this may be a glitch because IAH always seems to be on the list so technically I could fly anywhere in the US with a reduced mileage award. So yes, you should be able to fly from DEN-FLL on reduced mileage award. Also it doesn’t have to be direct…its whatever the available award routing is. Let me know how it works out for you.

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