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US Airways Credit Card Targeted Bonus Offer!

If you currently hold the US Airways Barclays credit card, check your email for a targeted offer. I received an offer to earn 20% more miles from July – August 2014 up to 10,000 miles.

This means that you will be earning 1.2 miles for your purchases and 2.4 miles for all US Airways purchases. This is not the greatest bonus offer but the kicker is that they will reimburse you for all foreign transaction fees during this time period too.

This card will no longer be available sometime in the near future due to the US Airways and American Airlines merger but it is currently available now. If you currently don’t have it, its an easy way to get 40,000 more US Airways miles which will eventually turn into AA miles. You can get the miles after your first purchase and it currently comes with an $89 annual fee. The card also comes with priority boarding (zone 2) and free checked bag.
[US Airways Mastercard]



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