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Reminder That You Can Load 2,500 per Day for BlueBird

I’m not sure how I missed it or forgot about it but you can now load up to $2,500 on your BlueBird at a WM ATM per day. This has been effective since the beginning of July. The max per month is still $5,000. To alleviate any confusion, the WM ATMs look like this

Walmart ATM

If your WM does not have an ATM with which to load cards, then you can load up to $1,999.99 per day at the registers.

Today I went to my trusty WM and was able to load $2,500 on one of my cards. Just a word of caution that some ATMs have a security threshold on it which would require a manager log in if you load more than $1,500 at a time. To solve this problem, just load the first $1,500, wait 10 minutes, then load the last $1,000.

All this really means is less trips to WM but works for me! I have been able to load Simon Visa GC and Best Buy Visa GC as of today. I know there have been issues with people not able to load certain types of Visa GCs so word of caution before you buy tons of GCs without first trying it out to see if it works for you at your WM.

I don’t have a Serve card but the load limit per day has also been increased to $2,500.

Thanks to the Frequent Miler who posted about this change.

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