Southwest International Flights Expanding to More Cities This Year

The merger of Southwest and Airtran has gone on for quite some time and the transition of Southwest flights to international destinations that Airtran previously flew has been a slow process. In July 1, they started international flight from select cities. I was trying to find out when and where they would start expanding their cities but couldn’t find the information. It looks like they have now released this information in the form of maps which can be found here. Instead of going through the maps yourselves, I’ve posted them below in date order:

7.1.14 SW flights

8.5.14 SW Flights 8.10.14 SW flights 8.19.14 SW flights 8.26.14 SW Flights 9.16.14 SW flights 9.30.14 SW flights 10.7.14 SW flights 10.28.14 SW flights 11.2.14 SW flights 11.11.14 SW flights 11.18.14 SW flights 12.16.14 SW flights

I did a dummy booking from Austin to Cancun after Nov 2 to see if it would let me book. I noticed this message at the top of the page.

Government approval SW

So it looks like they haven’t officially been given the “go” to operate these flights but hopefully they won’t be pushed back past the original scheduled date. That being said, you never know what might happen so make sure you can be flexible with your plans if you need to change the dates if necessary.

I am excited that all of these routes will be starting before the end of 2014 because I have a Companion Pass that I want to maximize for these international destinations.

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  1. Hi thanks, do you know where they will be flying to from Phx starting Nov 18th?

    • Giddy for Points | August 6, 2014 at 8:27 am | Reply

      On the bottom of each map you can see their destinations. From Phoenix it looks like they will be going to Aruba, Cancun, Montego Bay, Nassau, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico City and Punta Cana

  2. It’s not international, but I sure wish they would start flying to HI.

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