A Surprise 5% Bonus from Discover

Every quarter, Discover Card rotates its bonus categories which you can earn 5% cash back up to $1,500 in purchases. From Oct-Dec 2014, the category is Online Shopping & Department Stores.

Discover 5 cash back

Some popular department stores and retailers that they listed are below. What interested me was Amazon.com under online retailers and Sears under department stores. I know that these places sell gift cards so you could stock up for the upcoming holidays. Staples.com is not specifically listed but it would be another online retailer and they offer Visa giftcards.

Discover retailer suggestions

This promotion has exclusion for the 5% bonus and they are listed below:

Discover Cashback exclusions

Surprisingly, Discover sent me an email that I could activate a special 5% cash back retailer. I could get cash back on one select retailer from Oct-Nov 2014 on up to 1,000 in purchases. I know that Lowe’s and Walgreens offers giftcards so I will be able to take advantage of this offer as well. UPDATE: This offer no longer seems to be targeted. Just click on this link and log into the website and you will see the offer on the right hand side. You will get to select your retailer of your choice from the list below.

Surprise Discover 5 cash back

So if I would take advantage of both offers I would earn $125 total in cash back this quarter. I like how Discover randomly surprises me with cash back offers 🙂




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  1. I wish it was unlimited cash back

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