Travel Tips for Vatican and Rome

Here are some tips I picked up when vacationing in Rome and surrounding area

Vatican Tips

  • There will be lots of people around the Vatican trying to get your attention or perhaps shoving a map in your face or asking for your help. Just ignore them and keep on walking and keep your personal items close to you.
  • For ladies, to go into the Vatican Museum or St. Peters Basilica, wear shorts, skirts, or dresses to your knees or longer, and where shirts that cover your shoulders or bring a sweater to cover up.

Rome Tips

  • Cafes have 2 prices that they charge for food, the sit down price and the to go price. That is why you see Italians stand at the cafe to drink their cappuccino. So to get the cheaper price, you can stand at the cafe.
Rome Cafe

This cost me less that 2 Euro

  • At restaurants, bread and water are not included so if they set bread on the table, you can refuse if you do not want to pay for it.
  • Tipping is not expected at restaurants like in the States but if you are inclined to leave a small one, feel free.
  • Find a local convenience store where you can find large bottles of water and soda for under a Euro, the non tourist price.
  • All around Rome, they have fountains where water is constantly flowing. You can drink out of these fountains and the water is cool and pretty refreshing. I was skeptical at first but don’t worry, its safe.
Water Fountain

Safe and refreshing drinking water

  • Drivers in Rome seem to take traffic stops as a suggestion so when you are walking around, which you will be doing a lot of, just be careful of motorists
  • If you are at the metro or train station and someone asks to see your ticket, don’t show or give it to them, it is a scam.
  • Rome offers free walking tours in English, Spanish and one day in French. These have been rated high on Trip Advisor and they do this for tips.

Anyone else have any tips for travelers to Rome?

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  1. Good tips. A couple from us. If possible, splurge for the paid tours at the Colosseum. It’s not that expensive and you’ll get to skip the main line (most times at least an hour or two). Make restaurant reservations whenever possible, especially if it’s a place you really want to visit.

  2. I really enjoyed climbing the stairs at St. Peter’s to the top of the dome. By law, this is the tallest building in the city and offers a fantastic panoramic view.

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