Make Property Tax Payments with Evolve Money plus $5 Coupon

Many of you are probably receiving your property tax invoices and those that don’t escrow will have to make these payments within a few months. I would like to pay with a credit card to earn miles or points but my County Tax Assessor charges a 2.15% surcharge. Ew! That cost will most likely outweigh the miles/points/cashback I would be getting back.

Harris County Tax CC fee

Instead I’m turning to Evolve Money which is a website where you can make bill payments for free and it recently started to accept Discover Card as a form of payment. The best part is that the service is free, there is no surcharges, and I would be getting 1% cash back from Discover!

So how do you go about searching for your tax assessor?

I would start by putting in your county and the word tax. My tax office came up and I selected the provider.

Search Tax Authority Evolve Money

Next you would add all the important information like your name, address, and your account number which can be found on your property tax invoice.

Bill info Evovle Money

After you add your provider, you are now ready to make payments. There are some restrictions though: You can only pay any single biller 1 time up to $999 in a given calendar month. Additionally, your total payments cannot exceed $2,999 in a given day, however, you can pay as many billers as you want.

So say you have a property tax bill for $2,500 and they allow you to make multiple payments. You can pay $999 for 2 months and $502 the third month. Since property tax bills are due on Jan 31, 2015, I would start making your first property tax payment this month if you plan on taking advantage of this opportunity and staying within all the restriction.

When you make a payment with Evolve on your Discover card, the vendor will look like this on your Discover account.

Property Tax Pmt Evolve Money

UPDATE: The $5 Coupon No Longer Works

Also Dr. of Credit pointed out that there is a $5 coupon that you can use. The code is 5offcongrats and you can apply it to a bill that is $10 or greater and can only be used once per Evolve account. I’m not sure when the expiration date on this is but I’m sure it won’t last too long.




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  1. some counties are not friendly with multiple payments, for me in OC,, CA, payments cant be divided.

  2. Code did not work for me.

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