Evolve Limited Certain Payments with Discover Card

I knew this was too good to be true. Last month I posted how you can now make Evolve payments with your Discover Card fee free up until 12/31/13. Well they just sent out an email stating that they are now limiting the types of payments you can make with your Discover card.

You can no longer pay your mortgages, car payments, 529 savings accounts, retail store cards, and student loans effective Dec 18, 2014 with a Discover credit card. You will still be able to pay all other bills that are not from lenders, including utilities, cable, phone, internet, insurance and more for free with your Discover credit card. It technically doesn’t mention anything about tax payments which I previously wrote about so not sure if these will still be allowed.

The email also states that Vanilla Reloads will be added to Evolve but those are really no longer available for purchase with a credit card.

Ok who called it that something like this was going to happen?

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