Southwest Targeted AList Status Challenge

It seems that Southwest is targeting people to earn A-list Status with a promotional offer. Here was an email that a friend received:

Southwest Alist Status Challenge

Basically, when you register, you will receive A-list status until 4/18/15 and it can be extended to the end of the year if you fly 3 revenue trips (6 one way flights) by 4/18/15. This is a targeted offer so if you didn’t receive the email then you won’t be able to register. But for those who want to check out anyways, here is the link.

If you aren’t targeted, you will get this promo error when you try to register:

southwest promo error

If you are targeted and you register successfully, you will get this screen:

Southwest Alist Promotion


So what will A-list status get you? It will get you priority boarding, which means a lot at Southwest because seats are on a first come first serve basis; 25% bonus on revenue flights; priority check-in and security lane access; standby priority; and A-list member phone line. Not a bad promotion considering A-list usually is obtained by flying 25 one way flights or 35k tier qualifying points.

Are We There Yet posted about this targeted offer as well.

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  1. Nice work on the link. I was hesitant to try and modify mine since the RR number appears to be hashed in there, but it doesn’t pre-fill with yours so it should be ok.

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