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Buying Back Marriott Platinum Status

I got some mail this weekend that said welcome to Marriott Gold! This would be good news if it was an upgrade instead of a down grade. But there was a piece of paper stating that if I wanted Platinum Status back, I could just buy it back with points.

I could purchase Platinum status with 40k Marriott points and I would have until April 1, 2015 to do so by calling 1-800-321-7396 or by sending an email to and including my rewards number and mailing address. This status would last until Feb 2016. If you had Gold or Silver and you would like to buy back your status with points, see more information here.

So why would I want Platinum status and is this a good deal? Well, Platinum members get these listed benefits:

I know that I definitely do not stay enough at Marriott properties to earn status the real way but I do have some paid stays and paid United flights that could be beneficial with this status so for me it makes sense to buy up with points. Also check out Frequent Milers post about MSing for Marriott Status.




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