New Amex Offer Gives $10 off Cell Phone Bill

If you have an American Express card, check your Offers on the website to see if you were targeted for $10 credit for paying your cell phone bill of $75 or more online for AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, US Cellular, or Verizon. To emphasize, payments must be made online and can’t be made via phone or at the retail location.

You must sign up by 4/4/15 and you must make your payment by 7/15/15. The T&Cs say that you can get this statement credit up to 3x per American Express Account. So I’m not exactly sure if this means per card or per account.

Also it looks like Amex updated their website and the Offers section looks different. Honestly I don’t really like the change because you see less offers at once but oh well.

Amex save on hotel bill

Adding offers to your card is still easy and you can still do the multi-browser trick to add the same offer to multiple cards if they were targeted on your various cards.

Thanks to Frequent Miler who posted about this offer.

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  1. awesome….ill have to check mine!

  2. It says “per American Express online account” so it means, umm, per account…not per card. My wife and I have two cards (both with slightly different card numbers–but they both go to the exact same account). When I log on the Amex website it further states that both cards are for the same account. Then cards are mirror images of each other except the last couple of number are different–that is just to track the different users of that one account. I see this every month in my statement–what she did and what I did–but it’s one bill. I like that because with my other credit card you can’t tell who made what purchase…same exact #s, just multiple cards for one account in that case.

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