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New Customers Can Earn 5k Southwest Bonus Points with Rocketmiles

The big offer for new customers to earn 5,000 bonus points on the Rocketmiles site is back and this time it’s with Southwest Airlines. To earn your bonus miles, you must make a hotel reservation by 2/22/15. In addition to these bonus miles, you will earn the regular miles for your booking.

For those who may not know about this company, Rocketmiles is a website where you can earn airline miles with hotel reservations booked directly through them. There are some pros and cons. Pros are that you can potentially earn lots of airline miles and cons are that it is not available in all cities and if the hotel that you book is a chain who has a rewards program that you participate in, you may or may not earn hotel points and your status may or may not be recognized.

I had previously did a post about my first hotel booking here and also did a follow up post on when my points posted.

Now to answer the question if these miles count toward the Southwest Companion Pass. According to SW T&Cs, miles earned with partners will count towards the pass, however, bonus miles will not. In other words, the 5k bonus points won’t count but the regular points you receive for your booking will.

As a reminder, points will post in a few week upon successfully completing your stay.





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