New Way to earn BarclaysArrival Points

I logged on to my BarclaysCard account and noticed a new button on the right hand side of the screen telling me I could earn more miles with Rewards Fan Zone. Well I could always use some more miles so I clicked on it.

Barclaycard Rewards Fan Zone Button

I was then taken to a page with a summary of how I can earn more miles. Basically I would need to interact with Barclays in some way whether its through Facebook or twitter or by completing a task on the website.

Barclays Reward Fan Zone Summary

On the bottom of the page you can click join to start earning more miles.

I was then taken to a page where there were some activities I could do to earn miles. If you click on the “see all activities” link, you can see all the interactions and points you can earn for each thing you do. Many of these are very easy to complete and you can even earn points just for logging into your account every month.

Barclays Reward Zone miles

I completed as many as I could and on the summary page, I could check all my mileage earning activity.

Barclays completed activities

These points appeared to post very quickly to my account and they can be redeemed instantly.

The Rewards Fan Zone concept is a pretty easy way to boost your Barclays Arrival miles and I suggest you try it too.




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  1. I need a few more miles to qualify for a redemption and this trick will help me reach my goal!

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