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What to See Around Port Ayora Galapagos

I spent some time roaming around Port Ayora on Santa Cruz Island in the Galapagos and there is lots you can see in one or two days .

Charles Darwin Research Center

About a 20 min walk from the port on Charles Darwin Ave, you can go see giant tortoises at the Charles Darwin Research Center. You can also see baby turtles and walk around the trails amongst the large cactus trees.

Charles Darwin Tribute

Giant Tortoise

Giant Cactus

Ceramic Garden

On your way to the Charles Darwin center from the port, you will come across a large ceramic dragon on your right hand side. Enter and you will see a long wall decorated with ceramic tile of sealife. At the end of the short walk, you will come to the sea where you will most likely see Sally Lightfoot Crabs hanging out on top of the black volcanic rocks.

Ceramic Garden Entrance

Ceramic Mosaic Art

Ceramic Mural

Sally Lightfoot Crabs

Fish Market

Probably my most amusing time here was at the small fish market on Charles Darwin Ave. In the afternoon when the fishermen come back with their catch, they clean and filet the fish to sell. What’s entertaining about the experience are the seals and pelicans waiting to hopefully get some leftovers.

Hoping for some fish!

Tortuga Bay

About a 45 min walk from the port you can get to Tortuga Bay. There is a dirt path that you take and then you have to climb some stairs. When you get to the top, you will have to sign in at the small station entrance and they won’t let you get on the  paved trail past 6pm. I also recommend going early in the morning because it gets very hot. Its a long trek but the view is beautiful. The waves are strong there but at the end of the beach, there is a calmer area where you can rent snorkels or kayaks. Also the station sells  popsicles which are a nice cool treat in the hot and humid climate.

Welcome Sign to Tortuga Bay

Paved walkway to Tortuga Bay

Tortuga Bay

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