Price Adjustment Refunds With Paribus

I do a lot of my shopping online, especially during the holidays. Online prices fluctuate frequently and it’s always disappointing when you find out the item you purchased is now lower in price. Many stores do offer price adjustments within a short window but it’s time consuming to continuously check to see if your item has a price drop.

In comes Paribus, an online tool that keeps track of your online purchases for select retailers and submits claims on your behalf. The great part is that you get to keep 100% of your savings and you won’t have to lift a finger.

Signing up for Paribus

The way Paribus works is that when you sign up using your preferred email account, you give them access to capture your purchases through your email.paribus-receipt-fetcher

If you feel uncomfortable giving them access to your personal email account, I suggest setting up a free gmail account and have all your purchase receipts go to there. This way you have a separate “shopping” email account.

Amazon Delivery Monitoring

Although amazon no longer allows price matching, they do have a late delivery policy for prime members where they will give you a month of prime free for late deliveries (your experience may vary). Luckily Paribus also monitors Amazon late deliveries, however, they require you to connect your Amazon account.

What Merchants Do Paribus Support?

Paribus only handles a handful of merchants but they are continuing to add more. See this link for the merchants they do handle.

How Does It Actually Work?

Paribus scans your email looking for receipts and includes each item purchased on the “My Purchases” tab on your account in Paribus. They continuously monitor the price of purchased items and when they find a price drop within the merchant’s price adjustment time frame, they will send a claim through your email account on your behalf. Below is an example of an email that they have submitted for me:


I quickly received an email back from Kohls saying that they will be issuing me a refund for the price difference. Yay!

Paribus also indicates on your account when they are successful in getting you a refund.



What Happens if the Price Drops Outside the Merchants Time Frame?

Your credit card may offer price protection (usually up to 90). Here is a recent post of which cards currently have price protection.

Hopefully you’ve found some useful information here and happy shopping!


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