Trip Report – US 2027 – PHX – MSP

US 2027 - PHX - MSP


US 2027 – PHX – MSP


This is another quick trip report on a domestic first class flight.

Flight: US Airways 2027

From: Phoenix to Minneapolis

Aircraft: A321

Seat: 3C


I returned from Phoenix on US Airways on Sunday, July 26, 2015. The flight was scheduled for 6:50 PM and the boarding started early.

When I arrived at the gate at 6:20 PM the boarding had already began and first class and all elites were already boarded.

I walked up and had a short minute or so wait before entering the plane. The gate agent was polite but she did not use my name or thank me for my business; however, she welcomed me on the plane.

I took my seat and found that the first class cabin was only 1/2 full. Boarding continued and by the end of boarding the cabin was full. I received an upgrade 100 hours before the flight.

A flight attendant welcomed me and he offered a drink. I ordered water and he asked if I wanted ice. I said no and the flight attendant provided the water within 30 seconds. The flight attendant assisted the other guests in the cabin and was friendly and polite.

Boarding was complete about 10 minutes early and the flight left the gate early.

The flight was uneventful and it was an average two and a half hour flight.

As soon as the flight reached cruising altitude, the flight attendants prepared the cabin for meal service. I was offered a choice of a beverage along with either a grilled chicken with risotto or a vegetarian pasta. Both options were hot. I ordered a beer and the chicken. The flight attendant provided hot nuts when the drink was served and he was attentive to the level of the drink and he refilled the beverage before I finished the first glass.

The meal was served promptly and I was given a selection of bread. The linen cloth was placed on the tray table before the meal was served.

The chicken entree was served hot. The chicken was juicy and it had a good flavor. The chicken was served with a tomato based sauce and it had a tangy flavor. The dish was served on a bed of risotto. The risotto was more of rice texture rather than risotto; however, it had the flavor one would expect from risotto. The dish was served with a side salad with fresh vegetables and a pre-packaged salad dressing. The portion size was medium and it was presented attractively.

The meal service concluded and the tray was removed and the area cleaned up. Additional beverages were offered followed by a hot chocolate chip cookie. The cookie was served hot and it had a sweet taste and the chocolate melted in my hand.

The seat was a standard first class seat on a 321. The aircraft was clean and comfortable.

Overall the flight was good and the flight arrived on time to Minneapolis.

Photo Credit: Google / Airline Flyer