Trip Report – US 636 – MSP – PHX

US 636

US 636 – MSP – PHX

I recently traveled from Minneapolis to Phoenix to attend the F2B Phoenix Sessions.

I traveled on US Airways Flight 636 from Minneapolis to Phoenix

Aircraft: A320

Seat: 1C

Date: 7/24/2015


This will be a brief review as this was a regular domestic flight. I am an American Executive Platinum member and I received the upgrade from couch to first approximately 36 hours prior to the flight.

The boarding process was typical with a lot of people standing around waiting to board.

The boarding started about 15 minutes late for the flight so the gate area was a little more full than normal. When first class was called I had to fight my way through the people standing around the entrance.

When I boarded the first class cabin was already full and I had to put my bag up towards the back of the cabin.

A flight attendant greeted me promptly and offered a beverage. I had a glass of water. The flight attendant checked back with me and he also offered beverages to the other guests in the cabin.

Boarding completed approximately 10 minutes after the posted departure time and the plane left the gate about 15 minutes behind schedule.

The flight was uneventful in that it was a typical under three hour flight.

Upon reaching a cruising altitude the flight attendants were in the cabin serving beverages. I was offered warmed nuts and a beer followed by a choice between a pasta dish or a lunch salad with chicken. I selected the lunch salad.

The meal was served quickly starting with a hot towel, followed by the linen cloth with the meal all served at once. I was offered a roll.

The flight attendants offered additional beverages prior to my finishing my first drink and they kept used dishes and glasses cleared as the food and beverages were consumed.

The salad had a good taste and flavor. The lettuce was fresh and nuts and cheese were provided. The chicken was grilled and it was coated with a lemon seasoning and it had a good taste. The chicken was served on the side. The portion size was medium. The tray was assembled neatly. The dressing was a balsamic in a prepacked container. The dressing had a good taste and flavor. The bread was somewhat dry but it was served warmed.

Approximately one hour before landing, the flight attendants served hot chocolate chip cookies along with additional beverages. I declined the cookie.

The flight landed on time and was taxied to the gate relatively quickly.

Overall the flight was enjoyable and it was uneventful.

The seat was a standard domestic first class seat. The aircraft was a US Airways 320 so no power or entertainment options outside of Gogo were available. I did not utilize the internet in the flight.


The aircraft was clean and the seat was comfortable.

All in all a standard domestic first class experience.

Photo Credit: Google / Airline Flyer