Trip Report – US Airways CDG – PHL

US Airways

US Airways – CDG – PHL – 

US A330

I recently traveled to Paris on US Airways. This post covers the return flight from Paris to Philadelphia.

The flight was on US Airways on an A330 that was still in the US Airways Livery.

This post is a continuation of the previous post.

The flight was similar to the way over so this report will be limited to details on the in flight service.

Prior to the flight I lounge hopped and visited the British Airways, Cathay Pacific and Air Canada lounges. That killed a few hours time at the airport and I had a great breakfast at the Cathay Pacific Lounge.

The flight boarded on time. The boarding area was packed with people as the gate area housed several flights to the US departing about the same time. Everyone was crowded around the gate area so there was a big rush to board the airplane.

The flight was just about completely full but fortunately I was able to secure a seat on the left hand side towards the front of the cabin on the 2 side of the 2-4-2 seating arrangement.

The boarding process was efficient and all the passengers were on the plane prior to the departure time.

The flight departed on time and once in the air, the lead flight attendant stopped by my seat and greeted me by name. He introduced himself and he thanked me for being an American Airlines Executive Platinum. The flight attendant offered to bring me a drink from the business cabin. I declined but he asked me to let him know if I needed anything during the flight.

The meal service began within about an hour of the flight departure and I was offered chicken or pasta. I had the chicken and this dish was a little better than the one over. The side items were good as well and the meal was enjoyable. The bread was not as dry or hard as the one on the way over so that was a plus.

I watched movies on the AVOD. Again the quality was high and the picture was clear.

The USB port was non-functional on this aircraft.

Prior to arrival a hot flatbread was served along with ice cream. The flatbread lacked a good taste but the ice cream was good.

The lead flight attendant greeted me again towards the end of the flight using my name. He asked how I enjoyed it and he thanked me for my business.

The flight landed on time and I went through customs and immigration. I have Global Entry. Some of the kiosks were out of service and there was a line of about 15 people waiting. The processes took about 15 minutes instead of the usual 5.

Overall the flight was enjoyable.

Photo Credits: Airline-Pictures