Short Flight Deals


airliner landing at dusk, panoramic frame

Recently there have been a number of great deals on short domestic flights.


For example in the past few days there have been the following deals:

Chicago to San Francisco for $80

Chicago to Boston for $80

Dallas to Minneapolis for $80

Detroit to Dallas for $88

Houston to Philadelphia for $80

Philadelphia to Tampa for $80

Philadelphia to Charlotte for $79


Just to name a few…

The best deal was the Chicago to San Francisco flight. That one did not last long.

These fares could have been good for positioning to take advantage of other good deals or just for a short getaway.

Every day I check Fare Deal Alert and The Flight Deal to see what offers are out there. In addition I follow the mileage run forum on Flyertalk.

I would highly recommend using these sources to find great deals for yourself.

Were you able to take advantage of any of these flights?