Miles and Points at the State Fair?

It’s State Fair season. That mean’s lots of fried food and people watching.

In Minnesota, the State Fair is a pretty big deal and people come from all over. It is compared to the Texas State Fair. We are famous for all the crazy foods on a stick.

I personally love the corn on the cob booth, Pronto Pups and Fries from one particular vendor; however, a lot of people love all the crazy concoctions that are on a stick such as Hot Dish on a Stick, Pasta and Meatballs on a Stick and a whole lot more.

Traditionally the State Fair has been a cash only business. That means for a couple it is typical to spend $150-$200 over the course a few hours.

For someone that is into miles and points, spending cash is not the best option as it doesn’t help with accruing miles and points. Recently with the advent of technology such as Square and other tools, this has allowed smaller businesses to accept credit cards with a streamlined merchant fee process.

A lot of the vendors at the State Fair setup a booth once a year and they can make up to $2 Million over the course of two weeks. The vendors will typically be setup as a restaurant so if you use a card such as Chase Sapphire Preferred that means double points. Other cards offer bonus points are restaurants. So the $150 you spend could turn in to 300 points or more instead of zero. It is not much, but every opportunity to earn points helps.

What is your favorite State Fair experience?