Cancun Trip Report – Priority Pass Mira Business Lounge at Cancun T3

Mira Business Lounge

Mira Business Lounge – Cancun T3

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Cancun Trip Report – Priority Pass Mira Business Lounge and Cancun Airport T3

My wife and I stopped at the Mira Business Lounge located at Cancun airport in Terminal 3 prior to our return flight.

The lounge is located beyond security. The lounge can be accessed at the end of the hallway to the right of the Bubba Gump restaurant. Signs were located throughout the terminal directing you to the lounge. IMG_2565

The lounge is a member of a number of lounge networks as well as it offers day pass access for a fee. I accessed the lounge via my Priority Pass membership. The Priority Pass Select membership offered with credit cards grants access to this location.

At the entrance to the lounge there is a room with computers between the main doors and another door leading into the actual lounge. No one was utilizing the computers when we arrived and we walked into the lounge.

A friendly agent welcomed us and he processed our registrations quickly by swiping our Priority Pass cards and asking us to sign for the access.

After granting access the agent offered to prepare drinks for us and he said he would serve them to us at our seats.

We accepted and ordered Rum and Diet and he offered a choice between three different rums. We requested the White Appleton one. The attendant thanked us and he welcomed us to the lounge. IMG_2555

The attendant prepared our beverages and he served them quickly. He checked back with us a few times and he was always happy to provide additional drinks.

The lounge was somewhat small and it consisted with a few tables near the bar followed by several low chairs and couches with a few televisions. IMG_2552

The lounge had a hosted bar with several different alcohol options. IMG_2554

The food options included a few small salads as well as some small containers of three different types of nuts, pretzels and cookies. A self service area was available for soda, juice and the food items. IMG_2553

The lounge did not offer any views of the terminal or tarmac but it had some comfortable seating and friendly staff.

We utilized the WiFi. The service was fast and we were able to check in in social media and relax before our flight. We also snacked on the nuts and cookies. The snacks were fresh but were nothing to write home about. IMG_2556

When we were ready to depart, the attendant thanked us and he wished us a pleasant flight.

Overall the lounge was nice. The food options were quite limited but the staff was welcoming and they made the visit enjoyable.