Aspirational Travel Destinations

Aspirational Travel

This post is about Aspirational Travel Destinations –

As we begin the new year my mind has been thinking of aspirational travel destinations. Places that I have always wanted to travel to but have not had the chance.

I have a world map at home where I pin the places that my wife and I have traveled to and the places that we want to visit.
















As you can see there are still a lot of empty countries. Our travel has been concentrated on visiting a lot of cities that we love so we have made several repeat visits.

We do; however, have a short bucket list of places that we aspire to travel to. The world of miles and points can make these locations possible as many are difficult to get to comfortably and are normally priced outside of our budget.

Currently the locations on our Aspirational Travel Bucket List are:





























New Zealand

A common theme is the beach. We dream about staying over water in one of the villas. To this date, the cost on these have been too great. Every time we look we can get to the locations but then if we want to stay over water the cost goes up so much that it is not practical.NZ















Perhaps I can step up my Manufactured Spend efforts to build enough points to make these possible.

What is on your travel bucket list?