Guest Trip Report – Singapore Trip Report – Sinagapore Aerotel Hotel – Terminal 3

Colin, a fellow miles and points enthusiast is writing a guest post on a trip report of a Singapore Mileage Run.

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Guest Trip Report – Singapore Mileage Run – Singapore Aerotel Hotel – Terminal 3




























Upon arrival into Singapore I headed for the newly remodeled transit hotel in terminal 3. Most people don’t mind hanging out in the terminal overnight as the Singapore airport is one of the best in the world and there is always things to do, but I wanted a little time to recuperate, shower, read, and do it all in the peace and quiet of a hotel room. That didn’t work out exactly how I planned.

The hotel itself is much nicer now then it had been in the past, thanks to it being bought out by another company and a total renovation has taken place. The rates are reasonable, $70ish for a 6 hour block, for a basic room. The rooms are very basic, however they lack windows (at least all the ones I’ve been in did….).

I approached the check in desk and the agent greeted me and offered assistance. During the check in process, the agent at the desk informed me that there may be some noise in the room due to overnight construction. Although I requested a single the room i was assigned featured two queen size beds, as well as a desk, television and small seating area.






















































The bathroom was spacious, large walk in shower with glass door, dispensers of body wash, shampoo and conditioner. basic but very functional.


























There was a note in the room regarding the planned construction.
















The bed was fine, nothing spectacular but not bad. The airport features free WiFi which reached into the rooms and i was able to connect easily and stay in touch.

I managed to get a couple hours of rest in before I woke back up, partly due to having slept the entire flight here from Tokyo, as well as the construction noise. The hotel also features a nice small gym (SMALL), as well as an outdoor pool and a little lounge. I worked out for about an hour in the hotel gym, I was the only one there. The upper floor features the exercise machines and a door to the pool while the downstairs is more of a library with a self serve coffee/espresso machine.

Because of my funky connections I had to get my boarding passes for my return flights in person at the Delta desk in the terminal, which opens at I think 4:30AM. I left my room to retrieve my passes but they informed me i needed to have all my bags with me,  so I returned to my room and grabbed my (empty) bag and went back. The security staff who questions you first are VERY well versed in milage runs, which is quite nice compared to many other airports where they look at you with extra suspicion. SIN agents must get them with great frequency as when I told the purpose of my trip the agent fully understood and even mentioned i was the 3rd person so far on this flight who was doing a run. They printed up my passes and I went back to my hotel room for an additional hour of rest before heading to my gate.