Guest Trip Report – Singapore Mileage Run – Delta – New York to Los Angeles

Colin, a fellow miles and points enthusiast is writing a guest post on a trip report of a Singapore Mileage Run.

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Guest Trip Report – Singapore Mileage Run – Delta – Tokyo to New York

Guest Trip Report – Singapore Mileage Run – Delta – New York to Los Angeles


Guest Trip Report – Singapore Mileage Run – Delta – New York to Los Angeles

Date: December 7,. 2015

Flight: Delta 41

From: New York – JFK

To: Los Angeles – LAX

Aircraft: 757

Seat: 2D









The flight from Tokyo was a touch delayed so upon landing I had less then an hour to clear customs and board my next flight, so Delta had proactively moved me to a later flight. This did really piss me off as they moved me from a 767 which has seats in a 1-2-1 configuration with every bed having direct aisle access to a 757 flight which is all 2-2 meaning I’d have to climb over my sleeping seatmate to get out.

I managed to clear everything and get to the gate of my original flight with 25 min to spare….but they had already given someone else my seat. So I proceeded to the SkyClub and had a drink, Delta in December was doing a promo where if you showed your Delta American Express card in the club you got 2 free top shelf drinks. I had my 2 and headed for my flight.

After visiting the club, I returned to the gate area just as they called for DeltaOne to begin boarding. I entered the aircraft was was greeted by a flight attendant who welcomed me on board and as soon as I took my seat in 2D offered me a pre-flight drink.

This was the first time I’d flown the 757 DeltaOne, and although the 2-2 configuration is horrible, the seats themselves are quite nice. Plenty of leg room, good storage in a shelf near your shoulder.


























And a little privacy screen between you and the person next to you, which unfortunately just blocks them out when your sitting up, it doesn’t block their TV. Made it a bit distracting trying to sleep while my seatmate watched a movie all night.


























The flight attendants distributed the menu and came around to my seat, took my order and personally welcomed me on board.

JFK LAX Menu 1

























The boarding process was quick and simple. I was rather tired already so boarded quickly, got settled in and started watching some TV on my iPad

The plane departed the gate on time and our taxi was very quick, I don’t believe there was even a plane in front of us so we were in the air within minutes.

Once in the air, the flight attendants prepared the meal service.

Dinner was quite good, The appetizer was much better this time then on previous flights, the bread wasn’t as extremely stale.


























For the entree, I selected the lambchops which was excellent. Surprisingly so.


























The cheese course was odd, lots of presentation for a couple bites worth of cheese. But I ate it and settled in for a few episodes of Game of Thrones.


























The seat was comfortable and I was able to relax throughout the flight.

Shortly before landing the flight attendants came around with coffee before landing and a hot towel.

The plane landed in Los Angeles on time and after a short taxi we arrived at the gate and quickly deplaned.

As I departed the plane the flight attendants thanked me and I headed for the LAX SkyClub to wait for my final flight home

Overall the flight was uneventful, like flights should be. Service was quick and attentive, the food was satisfactory, and although this wasn’t the flight I had wanted to be on, it was actually very enjoyable.

I enjoyed the Delta One product on this 757 more than I expected. As I mentioned before due to a late arrival I was re-booked onto this later flight, meaning i was flying a 757 instead of a 767, which meant seats in a 2-2 instead of a 1-2-1 configuration. I had tried to avoid this setup at all costs, climbing over seatmates while they are sleeping is just annoying, but the seats still were incredibly comfortable and spacious.