Shanghai Sightseeing? Any suggestions?

Shanghai Sightseeing Shanghai Introduction

Shanghai Sightseeing

I am headed back to Shanghai next week.

China is one of those places where many people need to obtain a visa prior to travel. Sometimes it can be challenging obtaining one if you do not live in a city with a Chinese Embassy or Consulate. For me that was the case, so I found a company that helped with obtaining a 10-year visa for China – Allied Passport – they provided efficient service and were easy to work with. I received my passport with visa using their standard service and it was returned in less than one week. Allied Passport is offering a discount of $5 off their service when applying using my link.

I previously wrote about my last trip in the Shanghai Trip Report.

Shanghai Sightseeing

Last time I walked around near the Bund as well as checked out the skyline views at night from the top floor at the Hyatt on the Bund. I wrote about my sightseeing in the following post: Sightseeing in Shanghai

Sightseeing in Shanghai Shanghai Sightseeing

I will have one full day while I am in Shanghai this time. I was wondering if any of you have suggestions on that I should check out on this trip?

I’ve heard that the best way to travel from the airport is via the MagLev Train connecting to the local subway. I took the local subway to the airport last time and it had way too many stops. For a few dollars more, the MagLev Train is a much better option and I plan on taking that this time.

I am a foodie so I love trying great restaurants or even some good street food. Last time I had some pretty good local food at an upscale restaurant as well as lounge food at the Hyatt on the Bund.

There have been a lot of sale fares to Shanghai and Beijing lately so I know a lot of you may be traveling there soon or have recently been there.

I went to Beijing a month or two ago and then have this Shanghai trip booked. I know a lot of people were able to book multiple ones in order to re-qualify for American Airlines Executive Platinum prior to the program changing over to the revenue model this summer.

Internet in China can be annoying as most US webpages get blocked.

I use Astrill as a VPN for when I travel in China as well. Have you used it? It seems to work pretty well most days.

What did you do while you were there?

Shanghai Sightseeing