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Waldorf Astoria in 10 Pictures

Waldorf Astoria 10 Pictures

My wife and I recently spent a weekend in New York city and had the opportunity to stay at the legendary Waldorf Astoria hotel thanks to my Citi Hilton Reserve Credit card’s two free-weekend night bonus.

The hotel could have been reserved for between $500-$700 per-night, so it was a decent use of the free night certificates.

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I’d recommend the card if you don’t have it because you get Hilton Gold status automatically and Hilton Diamond Status after $40,000 in spend each year.

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The full review is coming soon. But for now, here are 10 images from my stay.

1. The Waldorf Astoria welcomes heads of state and other special guests. The hotel welcomes them with the Flag from their country on display next to the American Flag at the Park Avenue entrance.

2. The Waldorf Astoria lobby has some great art deco work and unique pieces of art.

Above is the Grandfather clock in the lobby, which has the Statue of Liberty at the top as well as various scenes from New York on the faceplates.

The clock has been at the hotel for years and it is an amazing work of art.

3. The Waldorf Astoria is decked out for the holidays with Christmas Trees, wreathes and other decorations.

4. The rooms at the Waldorf Astoria are relatively small but they are kept up nicely given that the hotel has been around for many years.

The above picture is from a king size bed room. We liked the fact that it had a comfortable king size bed; however, we had to change rooms due to the smoke from other guests that kept blowing into our room via the vents. While the issue was from other guests, the Waldorf eventually was able to accommodate us in another room.

5. The Waldorf Astoria has a nice fitness center that Hilton Gold and higher members can use for free during your stay.

The fitness center was clean and had a friendly attendant present and it was rarely busy during the stay.

6. The Sir Harry’s Bar in the lobby offers a nice snack of pink popcorn.

I’m not sure why they serve pink popcorn; however, it was sweet and tasty and was a great snack.

7. The hotel offers a great old fashioned steakhouse called Bull and Bear.

While we didn’t have dinner there this time, we were able to have a great breakfast at their Waldorf Breakfast buffet.

8. Breakfast was made to order by the omelet chef and there were a lot of options for toppings.

9. The front desk is in the classic style with wood desks, walls and friendly agents.

10. The drive up to the hotel is on Park Avenue and it can be seen in various movies over the years.

There is something great about walking up and seeing the classic entrance along Park Avenue!

John the Wanderer

I enjoyed my stay overall. I would love to hear your thoughts on the Waldorf? Have you had a #WaldorfMoment ?



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