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Hawaiian Airlines Honolulu Maui

Hawaiian Airlines Honolulu Maui

Hawaiian Airlines Honolulu Maui

This post covers our short connecting flight on Hawaiian Airlines Honolulu Maui.

Trip Details

Flight: Hawaiian Airlines 334

From: Honolulu – HNL

To: Maui – OGG

Aircraft: 717

Seat: 6A, 6B

Ground Experience

My wife and I made our way to the inter-island terminal to obtain our boarding passes for the flight on Hawaiian Airlines to Maui. We located the customer service desk and a friendly agent greeted us and offered assistance. The agent printed our boarding passes and she informed us where to go for the gate. The agent wished us a good flight.

We returned to the boarding area at the scheduled boarding time. The area was busy with activity.

The gate agents asked everyone to line up in two lines. On the right side would be guests in First class and groups one and two. The other line was group three.

For this flight we were assigned group three so we joined the line for that group.

After waiting for about five minutes, we reached the gate agent. The gate agent greeted us, scanned our boarding passes and she wished us a good flight.

Boarding was efficient and despite the fact that the plane was nearly full, it was completed in less than 15 minutes of when boarding started.


The aircraft was a 717 which featured 2-3 seating. Our seat was on the two side at the front of the economy cabin.

There were a couple rows of first class seats in 2-2.

Our seat was a standard economy seat; however, it did not offer recline. Our flight was only going to be about 20 or so minutes so that was not an issue; however, this may be something to think about for longer flights.

A mini tray table was provided at the seat.

In Flight Experience

The flight departed early and there was a short taxi before we were up in the air.

On take-off, we got to view Waikiki beach as well as Diamond Head before crossing over to Maui.

Within in a few minutes of take-off, the flight attendants walked around with a box containing juice and water. Each passenger was offered a selection.

I selected Passion-Orange-Guava juice.

The juice was served in a pre-packaged container. It was served chilled and the juice was excellent.

The flight attendants offered a map of Maui with visitor information in it while they walked back through the cabin to pick up the empty cups.


The time went by very quickly and soon enough the plane was on the ground in Maui. There was a short taxi to the gate and three flight attendants thanked us as we were departing the plane.

Baggage Claim

We made our way to the baggage claim area and in less than five minutes, the bags were delivered to the belt. The transition from American Airlines to Hawaiian Airlines was seamless and both of our bags were delivered.


We enjoyed our flight on Hawaiian Airlines. It was a surprise that they offered the beverages given how short the flight was. We felt that the flight attendants were friendly and they made us feel welcome.

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