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Awesome Rocket City Adventure American Admiral’s Club CLT

Awesome Rocket City Adventure American Admiral’s Club CLT

This post is Awesome Rocket City Adventure American Admiral’s Club CLT. It is a review of my experience when I visited the Admiral’s Club at Charlotte Airport near B and C gates.


I accessed the American Admiral’s Club Charlotte using my Citi American Executive Card which gives membership in the Admiral’s Club. I also was able to admit two guests with me using this card. One of them was my buddy Tyler, who also wrote a review of the club on BaldThoughts.

Although not available in Charlotte, Priority Pass offers lounge access throughout the world. If you do not have access, you could use my affiliate link to receive a discount off your own membership.

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I arrived at the American Admiral’s Club Charlotte and used the entrance near the connector from the D and E gates to the B and C ones.

Upon arrival, there were four agents present at the desk and two other guests were waiting.

An agent invited me to the desk upon arrival and welcomed me to the lounge after I provided my access card. The agent helped with flights before inviting me into the lounge.


The lounge includes multiple rooms and offers a lot of chairs, tables and couches.

The main room features a large seating area with a mixture of small chairs and tables scattered throughout the room.

At the end of the room, there are two other smaller sections also offering tables and chairs.

A hosted bar is available to the side of the main room that offers complimentary and for-purchase beverages.

A limited food menu was available for purchase at the bar as well.

The snacks are available in a main hallway in between the entrance and the main seating area.

Televisions are located throughout the room.

Food Options

The lounge offers snacks including vegetables, cheese, crackers, chips, noodle salad and edamame dip which were setup on one side of the snack area.

Dry snacks including three trail mixes were available at the middle of the food area.

Two varieties of soup including a beef one and tomato soup were offered as the hot items.

Cookies and brownies were available on the other side of the room.

A self-service espresso coffee machine was available with a touch screen. The system offered a variety of hot and cold beverage options.

In addition, tea and flavored and unflavored water was also available.

The snack items were setup neatly and they were maintained throughout the visit.

Lounge Experience

The lounge was busy with activity during the visit; however, I could find seating in the main section.

I relaxed in the lounge and noted staff members circulating the room to remove used dishes and glasses a few times during the visit.

I selected cheese, crackers and the edamame dip.

The edamame dip was fresh and rich and creamy and it had a tangy bean flavor. The dip had an excellent taste and flavor and it was served chilled.

The cheese was fresh and three varieties were available. The cheese had a good taste.

The crackers were crispy and fresh and they were mild in flavor.

I visited the bar during the visit and was greeted by a bartender who immediately helped. After I ordered a Rum and Coke, the bartender asked for my identification card before preparing the drink.

The bartender served the drink on a clean napkin and she asked me to enjoy.

The drink was served over ice in a clean glass. The rum was fresh and it had a good flavor.


I departed the lounge about 30 minutes before the scheduled boarding time for my flight to Minneapolis. My departure was not acknowledged by the agents when I exited near the desk.


The Awesome Rocket City Adventure American Admiral’s Club CLT was a relaxing environment at the airport with friendly staff.

I was surprised to find the updated coffee machine at the lounge. The lack of great coffee options at Admiral’s Clubs in the past has been one of the things I wished improved. It was awesome finding the new option. I look forward to my next morning flight so I can check one out. The visit was good overall and I relaxed during the visit.

Do you like the American Admiral’s Club Charlotte?


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