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Awesome Rocket City Adventure American Charlotte Minneapolis

Awesome Rocket City Adventure American Charlotte Minneapolis

This post is Awesome Rocket City Adventure American Charlotte Minneapolis. It is a review of my flights on American Airlines flying from Charlotte to Minneapolis while I was returning from the TBEX conference in Huntsville.

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Trip Details

Date: May 7, 2017

Flight: American Airlines 2039

From: Charlotte – CLT

To: Minneapolis – MSP

Aircraft: A320

Seat: 4C

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Gate Experience

I arrived at the gate after boarding began.

The gate area was busy with activity and people were standing in the aisle and near the boarding lane, which made it difficult to determine who was in line.

The flight departed from the B gate area, and nearly all the gates had similar behavior as there is limited seating options in the area.

I joined the line and after waiting for about five minutes, I reached the gate agent who processed my boarding pass and invited me to board.

I located my seat and got comfortable while boarding continued for about 15 additional minutes.

The door was closed on time and the flight attendants prepared the cabin for departure.

After a short taxi, the plane was ready for take-off.


The aircraft was an Airbus 320 which offered three rows of first class.

The economy cabin was in the typical 3-3 seating.

I was assigned seat 4C which was the aisle seat at the bulkhead.

The seat was a standard economy seat. The bulkhead seat featured the airbag type connection for protection against the wall in front of you.

The aircraft did not offer power, video screens; however, WiFi streaming was available.

In Flight Experience

Once the airplane was at the cruising altitude, the flight attendants offered beverage service.

The flight attendant offered Biscoff cookies for the snack followed by a choice of beverages.

I ordered a glass of water and it was provided promptly.

The cookie was fresh and sweet and it had a good taste and flavor.

Flight attendants returned to the cabin to pick up used items about 15 minutes after the initial service.

Flight attendants also circulated the cabin one or two more times during the flight.

I utilized my Laptop for most of the flight.


The flight landed ahead of schedule and there was a short taxi to the gate.

I was thanked by the flight attendants as I departed the airplane.


This was the Awesome Rocket City Adventure American Charlotte Minneapolis. The experience was uneventful.

The flight went by quickly and I found the flight attendants to provided prompt and efficient service. It was a great way to end an awesome week at TBEX visiting Huntsville Alabama.

Have you been on American Airlines recently? How did your experience compare to mine on the Awesome Rocket City Adventure American Charlotte Minneapolis?



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