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Afternoon Lounge Experience Delta Sky Club Minneapolis C Terminal

Afternoon Lounge Experience Delta Sky Club Minneapolis C Terminal

This article is about my Afternoon Lounge Experience Delta Sky Club Minneapolis C Terminal. It is a review of my experience in the smaller of the two Sky Clubs at Minneapolis airport.

The article is part of my Philadelphia Weekend Getaway Trip Report.


I got to have an Afternoon Lounge Experience Delta Sky Club Minneapolis C Terminal thanks to my American Express Platinum card, which gives you Delta Sky Club Lounge Access when you have same day travel on Delta.

If you do not have the American Express Platinum Card, you can use Priority Pass to access the PGA Lounge MSP Airport, or you can purchase access to the Escape Lounge.

I previously reviewed the PGA Lounge MSP Airport as well as Escape Lounge.

In addition, I recently reviewed the main Delta Sky Club located near the G and F Gates.


There are two Delta Sky Clubs at Minneapolis. The main club is near the F and G Gates and it includes a hosted Luxury Bar. The smaller club, which is the focus of this review is located in the C terminal near the C9 Tram Station.


The lounge activity level was at about 85% when I arrived on Friday afternoon for the visit.

When I entered, there was one agent at the reception desk and another agent at the customer service desk.

The agent at the reception desk welcomed me asked for my membership credentials. I provide my American Express Platinum card and scanned my boarding pass. The agent thanked me and she welcomed me. The agent provided the departure gate for my flight and said that it was on schedule before inviting me to relax in the lounge.

Lounge Setup

The Delta Sky Club C Terminal Minneapolis is a medium sized location that encompasses several rooms.

Some of the rooms feature fireplaces and a variety of seating.

There are business work stations and some more private seating sections in the lounge.

The main room is focused around the windows that overlook the C gates.

A coffee bar is available in the middle of the main room, which houses some snacks and salads on the opposite side. In addition, soup is available at the station.

A self-service bar can be found at the back of the lounge.

The bar includes a variety of mid-level alcohol options as well as plenty of mixers and side items.

A variety of wines and three types of beer are available at the bar.

Another food station with snacks is located opposite the bar.

The hot food options include two soups including a Seafood one and a Vegetarian option.

The chilled food options included a make your own salad with a variety of vegetables, toppings, dressing and cheese as well as a pasta salad and a chicken salad.

The snack items included cheese, hummus, cookies and snack mixes.

The food was setup neatly at each station and the food was labeled.

The servers were noted to keep the stations stocked and to clean up after guests throughout the lounge.

A Touch Screen Starbucks machine is available in the coffee bar area along with flavor syrups so you can customize your beverage.

Lounge Experience

I spent a few minutes walking around the lounge before locating a seat.

I relaxed and used the WiFi to respond to some work emails before grabbing a snack and a drink from the bar.

At the bar, I prepared a Spicy Bloody Mary and I selected limes, olives, cheese and celery to accompany the beverage.

The Bloody Mary mix was tangy but it was mild in spice. The cocktail had a good taste and it was great that there were all the options for the toppings.

From the buffet, I made a salad with mixed greens, tomatoes, black beans, onion crisps and cheese. I selected ranch dressing.

The salad was fresh and the vegetables had a good taste and flavor. The beans were seasoned well and it enhanced the salad. The dressing was creamy and it was rich in flavor.

A server greeted me while I was at my seat and offered to remove my glass when I finished the beverage. The server thanked me sincerely.

After I finished my salad, I relaxed for a few more minutes before having to depart the lounge for my flight to Philadelphia.


While I was walking near the coffee station, a server thanked me for visiting the lounge and she wished me a good day.

An agent at the customer service desk also thanked me as I walked by the desk.

The lounge was 80% occupied upon my departure.


My visit to the Delta Sky Club C Terminal Minneapolis was enjoyable. It is nice the lounge offers the various rooms, which helps make the lounge more intimate. The staff members I encountered were cordial and the experience was good overall. The snack and drinks were excellent. It was a nice spot to relax before my flight.

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