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Quick Weekend Experience Delta Minneapolis Philadelphia

Quick Weekend Experience Delta Minneapolis Philadelphia

This article is about my Quick Weekend Experience Delta Minneapolis Philadelphia. It highlights my experience up in the air on Delta.

The trip is part of a weekend trip that my wife and I planned to explore Philadelphia and the surrounding area.

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Trip Details

Date: October 27, 2017

Flight: Delta 2097

From: Minneapolis – MSP

To: Philadelphia – PHL

Aircraftt: MD90

Seat: 1B


My Quick Weekend Experience Delta Minneapolis Philadelphia was purchased as a one way from Minneapolis to Philadelphia on Delta Airlines. My return flight was also booked as a one-way via American Airlines. The flight was booked with cash for $175.

I booked two one ways as the pricing was less expensive than booking a round trip on this instance.

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I received an upgrade to Domestic First Class on Delta. The upgrade notification came about four days prior to the flight.

I was surprised, as it is not as common these days to receive an upgrade in advance while traveling from Minneapolis on Delta. I was assigned seat 1B.

Check In

I checked in for My Quick Weekend Experience Delta Minneapolis Philadelphia via the mobile app about a day before the flight. There were no issues and I received a boarding pass with PreCheck automatically.

I utilized CLEAR to go through security for the flight and the process was fast and efficient and I was through security within five minutes of arriving at the airport.

Gate Area

The flight on Delta departed from the C terminal, so I spent a few minutes in the Sky Club before proceeding to the gate at boarding time.

The gate area had a light amount of activity when I arrived and there were plenty seats available.

Boarding began at the scheduled time. I joined the line when the first-class cabin was boarded and after waiting in a line for one minute, I reached the gate agent who welcomed me and asked me to scan my boarding pass.

After I scanned the pass, the agent thanked me using my name and she wished me a good flight.

The flight attendants provided a welcome on the plane as well.

I located my seat and listened to music while boarding continued.

A flight attendant offered a pre-departure beverage in addition to the water bottle that was already at the seat. I requested a Coca-Cola and it was provided it within a minute.

The door was closed on time.

The plane had a 10-minute taxi to a de-ice pad, where the plane received a five minute deice treatment before we proceeded to the runway.


I was assigned seat 1B on the MD90 aircraft for my Quick Weekend Experience Delta Minneapolis Philadelphia.

The seat was a first-class recliner seat with a comfortable amount of padding. The seat reclined without issue and it was relatively comfortable.

A power outlet was available at each seat in the first-class cabin, which was made up of 16 seats.

The aircraft featured WiFi Streaming Entertainment for Delta Studio. I didn’t utilize it for the trip, but the passenger next to me streamed a movie without issue.

In Flight Experience

About 20 minutes after the plane was up in the air, the flight attendants greeted the passengers in the forward cabin and offered a beverage choice as well as lunch, with a Thai chicken with noodle salad option.

I requested water and accepted the lunch and the flight attendant thanked me.

A hot towel was provided a few minutes later, followed by the place setting, which was setup by the flight attendant.

The beverage was served a minute or two later. I received a bottle of water.

Lunch Experience

The lunch was served promptly and the flight attendant asked if I needed anything else at that time.

The salad was served on a decorative plastic tray with elegant dishes and flatware.

The meal consisted of the Thai Chicken Salad as well as a Key Lime Pie Tart.

The Thai Chicken Salad was served chilled. The salad included a mixture of noodles and vegetables in a tangy Thai flavored dressing. Four thin chicken strips were served on top. The chicken marinated in Thai seasoning as well. Sriracha sauce as well as soy sauce were served on the side. The chicken was fresh and it had a great taste. The salad was fresh and it also had a good flavor.

The Key Lime Tart was very sweet and it was also served chilled. The tart was presented attractively with a mint leaf.

The flight attendants checked in with me a couple times while I enjoyed the meal.

My tray was promptly removed when I finished the meal.


For the remainder of the flight, I worked on my laptop and listened to music. The flight attendants checked in with me once or twice more and offered additional beverages.

The lead flight attendant stopped and greeted me using my name during the flight. The flight attendant thanked me for my Platinum Status and he asked if I had any comments that I would like to share regarding Delta. He said he could provide it using a tablet. I said I didn’t have anything to comment and that it was a good flight. The flight attendant thanked me and asked me to rate the flight between 1 and five stars.

I only saw the flight attendant greet one or two passengers in the forward cabin this way. I was surprised since my status is only Platinum. Normally you see Diamond status only recognized. Perhaps this was a random selection for the flight.


The flight landed on time in Philadelphia and after a short taxi we reached a gate.

The flight attendants thanked the passengers as they departed as well as the Captain and pilot.


My Quick Weekend Experience Delta Philadelphia went by quickly. The flight was uneventful. I found the flight attendants to be attentive, friendly and cordial. The lunch was full of flavor and I enjoyed it. The seat was comfortable and I relaxed and did some work on the flight. It was nice receiving the upgrade on the flight. I look forward to my next adventure on Delta.


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