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Delta Airlines New York Minneapolis

Delta Airlines New York Minneapolis

This article is Delta Airlines New York Minneapolis. It is a review of my experience flying Delta from New York to Minneapolis.

The article is part of my New York Weekend Adventure Trip Report.

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Trip Details

Date: March 19, 2018

Flight: Delta 1919

From: New York – LGA

To: Minneapolis – MSP

Aircraft: 320

Seat: 10F


At the time of booking of Delta Airlines New York Minneapolis, I received an upgrade to the Comfort Plus section of the airplane.

I was around #10 on the upgrade list at the gate for 3 seats.

Check In

I arrived at the airport around 4:30 AM and noted that the activity level was light and the security lines were short on both sides of the C terminal.

I used CLEAR and found that the access was just opened before I arrived.

The agent asked me to use my fingerprint to determine my identity and then to scan my boarding pass. After I completed it, the agent thanked me and he said because I was the first passenger to use it, that I had to show my boarding pass and ID to the TSA rep.

The TSA rep thanked me and reviewed it promptly, used my name and wished me a good day.

It was interesting that the first person using CLEAR each day has to go through the regular process.

Nonetheless, there was no waiting and the agent waved me through quickly ahead of the other passengers in line.

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Boarding Area

The boarding area for the Delta Airlines New York Minneapolis flight was heavy with activity.

The gate was located in the C terminal. There were very few seats available, as the majority of the options are for the restaurant and the high tables with the iPads for ordering.

The boarding area had signs indicating each group. Passengers would line up in front of their assigned group sign.

While it makes the boarding area orderly, it causes a lot of congestion in the already tight area.

The flight was scheduled to leave at 6:00 AM, however, there was an hour delay due to waiting on a cabin crew member. Initially, the delay was 15 minutes, and then it was later extended after boarding began.

The gate agents made announcements to keep the passengers updated.

Because of the setup of the gate area, it was a bit uncomfortable because everyone stands in the line behind the boarding group and you could not relax before the flight.


At 6:20 AM, boarding began for Delta Airlines New York Minneapolis.

I waited in the Sky zone area until that group was called.

Once I reached the agent, she asked me to scan my boarding pass and then thanked me and invited me to board.

The flight attendants welcomed me when I reached the entrance to the plane.

I made my way to my seat and got situated.

The delay extended once most of the passengers were on the plane and the Captain made an announcement to update the passengers.

It was sunrise during the time, so I spent some time looking out the window and watching the beautiful sky with the airplanes in the foreground


Once the flight attendant arrived, the door closed and the plane got pushed back from the gate.

Ultimately, the plane departed at just before 7:00 AM, about an hour behind schedule.

There was a short taxi before the plane was up in the air.

I enjoyed looking out the window and seeing the sky and cloud cover at dawn.


I got seat 10F on Delta Airlines New York Minneapolis. The seat was a window seat at the front of the economy cabin in the Comfort Plus section.

The seat was a regular economy seat.

The airplane featured seat back video screens.

Because I sat at the front of the cabin, I got to enjoy one of the larger screens used for the first class section.

The video system responded well to the touch and a lot of content was available.

The airplane also features WiFi entertainment and high-speed internet.

In Flight Experience

Once the Delta Airlines New York Minneapolis flight was up in the air, the flight attendants prepared the cabin for service.

The Comfort Plus passengers were offered a snack from the basket before the beverage service.

Bananas, pastries, nuts and granola bars were available.

Passengers were also given a choice from the regular snacks with the beverage service.

I selected a water and a granola bar.

The granola bar was chocolate flavored and it had a sweet taste.

I worked on my laptop for a while and then relaxed for the rest of the flight.


After about two hours, the plane Delta Airlines New York Minneapolis flight approached MSP and the cabin was prepared for landing.

The plane landed and there was a short taxi to a gate.

Once at the gate the door was opened and passengers were invited to leave.

The flight attendants and pilots thanked me as I walked by near the front of the plane.

I made my way out to of the terminal and headed to work.


My Delta Airlines New York Minneapolis flight was good overall. Despite that it had an hour delay, the flight attendants and gate agents were friendly and polite, and they kept the passengers informed of what was going on. The plane was comfortable, and the entertainment system functioned without issue.

Have you been on Delta Airlines recently? How did your experience compare to mine?

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