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Delta Airlines San Diego Minneapolis

Delta Airlines San Diego Minneapolis

This article is Delta Airlines San Diego Minneapolis. It is a review of my flight on Delta from San Diego to Minneapolis.

The review of the Delta flight is part of my San Diego Spring Adventure.

Trip Details

Date: March 29, 2018

Flight: Delta 1744

From: San Diego – SAN

To: Minneapolis – MSP

Aircraft: 737-900

Seat: 12F

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I purchased the ticket for around $300 using cash.

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At the time of booking, I was moved to the Comfort Plus section thanks to my Platinum Skymiles level.

I was on the wait list for the first-class cabin. At the time of departure there was one seat available and I was number 9 on the list of 25.

I enjoyed the Comfort Plus seat while on the flight.

Check In

The Delta App automatically checks Skymiles members in at 24 hours prior to the flight.

San Diego airport does not offer CLEAR, which generally saves time because you can avoid the TSA identification check and proceed to the Pre-Check screening.

Since CLEAR was not available, I joined the Pre-Check line and waited in a line for about four minutes before reaching an agent. The agent verified my identity and checked my boarding pass before inviting me inside.

Another line of about 15 people formed waiting for screening

The process took an additional seven minutes to complete before I was through security. The total time was 11 minutes.

Gate Area

The gate area was busy with activity when I arrived at the scheduled boarding time.

Gate agents made the usual announcements and guests were standing around the boarding area.


Boarding began a few minutes after the scheduled time.

I joined the line when the Sky zone was called for boarding.

After waiting in a line for about four minutes, I reached the gate agent who asked me to scan my boarding pass. The agent wished me a good flight.

Once onboard the aircraft, I located my seat and got situated for the flight.

The boarding continued for around 25 minutes.

Once it was complete the door closed, and the safety video was shown on the seatback screens.

There was a short taxi before the airplane lined up with about seven other airplanes waiting to take off.

The take-off was to the East, so I got to see a city view instead of the ocean as soon as the plane was up in the air.

I took a few other pictures as the plane made its way into the clouds.


I was assigned a window seat in the Comfort Plus section on my Delta Airlines San Diego Minneapolis flight.

The aircraft was a 737-900 with power ports at each seat along with high quality video screens.

WiFi and streaming entertainment was also available on the flight.

The seat was comfortable and there was an adequate amount of legroom available.

In Flight Experience

Once the Delta Airlines San Diego Minneapolis flight was up in the air, I used my laptop to catch up on some writing. I got distracted by the view out the window for a bit though.

The flight attendants offered a selection from the snack basket.

The snack basket offered chips, nuts, cookies, crackers and granola bars. No fresh fruit was available on this flight.

After the snack basket, the flight attendants offered for purchase breakfast items followed by a drink service.

When the flight attendant greeted me, I requested a Bloody Mary and water along with one of the complimentary almond packets. The flight attendant thanked me.

The drinks were served promptly.

The flight attendant offered a bottle of vodka for my drink to customize it.

The drink was good overall, and the mix had a good flavor and was served with a lime.

The snacks were fresh, and they had a good taste.

The flight attendants picked up the used items once they completed the service.

During the flight I watched a few television programs as well as worked on my laptop.

An additional beverage service was offered at the middle of the flight.

In addition, the flight attendants offered the snack basket an additional two times during the flight.


My Delta Airlines San Diego Minneapolis flight made its way back to the Twin Cities and after a bit over three hours, it was time for landing.

The cabin was prepared for landing.

After a short duration of vectoring around the airport, the plane made its way to the ground.

There was a short taxi to a gate.


My Delta Airlines San Diego Minneapolis flight went by quickly. The seat was comfortable, and the flight was relatively uneventful. I enjoyed the cocktail at the beginning of the flight as well as the snacks. I look forward to a future flight on Delta.

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