Delta Sky Club Experience Minneapolis

Delta Sky Club Minneapolis

Delta Sky Club Experience Minneapolis

This article is Delta Sky Club Experience Minneapolis. It is a quick review of my experience at the main club at Minneapolis Airport.

Delta Sky Club Experience Minneapolis

The review of the Delta Sky Club Minneapolis is part of my Finger Lakes New York Experience.


I accessed the Delta Sky Club Minneapolis thanks to my American Express Platinum Card. The card gives you access to the American Express Lounge Collection which includes Centurion Lounges and Delta Sky Clubs.

If you have a Priority Pass card, you can get food from three restaurants at Minneapolis by checking in at the PGA Golf Club Minneapolis, where you get a $15 voucher per-person for food at three great restaurants at the airport.


I arrived and was promptly invited to the desk by an agent.

Delta Sky Club Experience Minneapolis

The agent welcomed me and I used my fingerprint using CLEAR to verify my identity.

After I presented my American Express Platinum Card, the agent welcomed me by name, confirmed that my flight was on time and provided the gate information.

The agent welcomed me into the lounge.

Delta Sky Club Experience Minneapolis

You can sign up for CLEAR right in the lounge, which gives you quick access to security at many airports as well as generally you can avoid the TSA identification check when using it.

Lounge Setup

The lounge is a large room that is divided into various sections.

As usual, the lounge was busy with activity so it is difficult to take pictures with the other guests around.

The center area of the lounge features the bar as well as a large buffet for snacks and meals.

A self service coffee area was available with a touch screen Starbucks machine along with a soda station.

Delta Sky Club Experience Minneapolis

Seats were located throughout the lounge on a upper and lower area.

Delta Sky Club Experience Minneapolis

Some of the seats are standard and others are modern in appearance.

I selected a regular seat for my visit before visiting the food area.

Food Options

The lounge offered breakfast during my visit.

The breakfast options included several hot items as well as chilled and dry goods.

The hot items included eggs, quinoa hash and regular hash browns as well as oatmeal and grits along with various toppings.

Delta Sky Club Experience Minneapolis

The chilled items include salad, fresh fruit and toppings for the eggs and oatmeal.

Delta Sky Club Experience Minneapolis

Various breads, pastries and other items were available at the buffet.

Delta Sky Club Experience Minneapolis

The food was setup neatly and chefs were constantly restocking the hot food and other food.

Lounge Experience

I made a cappuccino from the Starbucks machine to wake me up for the day.

Delta Sky Club Experience Minneapolis

The cappuccino was served hot. The espresso was smooth and the milk was frothed well and it had an excellent taste.

I made a bowl of eggs and quinoa hash and topped it was cheese and salsa.

The eggs were fresh and had an excellent taste. The quinoa hash was fresh had a tangy flavor.
Delta Sky Club Experience Minneapolis

The breakfast was excellent and I felt it was tastier and more options were available than when I previously visited the lounge in the morning.


When I was ready to depart the Delta Sky Club Minneapolis, a server greeted me and offered to remove my used items. The server thanked me sincerely and she wished me a good day. An agent at the reception desk also thanked me when I departed.

The lounge was approximately 70% occupied when I departed.


I enjoyed my breakfast and cappuccino at the Delta Sky Club Minneapolis. The food was tasty and the cappuccino helped me wake up. The staff I encountered were polite. The visit was enjoyable overall.