Credit Cards

Credit cards and award point systems can really enhance your ability to maximize miles and points to get the most out of travel experiences.

There are various credit cards available for different situations.

When I look for a credit card I look for one with the following components:

  1. Travel Benefits
  2. Flexible redemption possibilities
  3. Cash Back

Travel Benefits

I like card programs that allow for point earning that can be used to transfer to airline and hotel partners. When the programs are transferable it offers protection against mileage devaluations by a particular program and it allows for thinking outside the box in finding a good award redemption. Cards that offer flexible options are more valuable and the points can be worth more than a traditional program.

Cash Back

Many award cards offer cash back. In some cases, you can benefit more than the travel benefits by receiving actual cash back.

Remember to use credit cards wisely. Only charge what you can pay back in the same month. The interest rate charged on travel and other reward cards greatly outweigh the benefits from the points earned.