Getting Started

Getting Started in  Miles and Points

Let’s face it, travel is expensive and oftentimes can be stressful planning. Fortunately, airlines and credit cards have frequent traveler programs that allow you to earn points or miles which can be redeemed for travel. The challenge is that it can sometimes be difficult redeeming the points and miles for the trips and experiences that you really want to do.

I live in a Delta Hub and the average airfare can be significantly higher than from non-hub captive cities. For example, nearly every time I search for a flight to Europe I see pricing for Economy in between $1,200 to $1,600. When you see that it can be stressful because you really want to go on the trip, but if two people are traveling than you are talking about $2,400 to $3,200 just to get there without factoring in hotel, food or activities.

This is where points and miles can be tremendously valuable. Instead of paying cash for an economy ticket between Minneapolis and Europe, one could instead redeem miles and travel in Business class for only around $250 to $300 per-ticket for the taxes and fees assessed by the airlines. That means for significantly less that same couple could spend $600 and then take the remaining $2,600 from the above example to spend on luxury hotels, tours and shopping. Or that person could go further and redeem hotel points for that luxury vacation and spend even less out of pocket.

In many cases the points and miles can be earned simply by signing up for the right credit card and following the steps required to earn the bonus miles without ever setting foot on an airplane.

In many cases, more miles and points can be earned from everyday spending rather than earning by flying. It just requires a little discipline and understanding of the way the programs work.

Everyone has different goals for using miles and points:

  1. Some people like to use miles to travel in Economy and go on more trips than they otherwise would
  2. Other people like to use miles to travel in Business or First class and enjoy the luxury side of travel
  3. Still others like to use miles to travel to dream destinations that they otherwise could not afford

The key is using the right strategy to maximize the miles and points that you have available whichever goal you have can become a reality.

By following some simple steps you can be on the right path and will have opportunities open that you would have never expected before.